Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Return Of The Living Dread

Doors are open as usual and I've surrendered my PimpCup to Emma, she's the righteous holder anyhows, no arguing there.

YOU on the other hand need to get here and check some of that slick stuff that we have. YOU weren't here yesterday. I know, I know, bla bla bla, excuses are getting you nowhere.
WHADDAYAMEAN "No time today"?!

As you can see - Daddy says No Go.
Your sizes are gonna sell before you even have a chance, there's a line all the way to the Psychological Emergency Unit!

As for now we're kicking a Social Distortion marathon on the hifi and enjoying the fruits of hard labour.

Assistant Pimp of The Year

We got the latest Ol' School Rodz and MilkCow coming out tomorrow! Amongst other new. You better recognize!