Monday, July 23, 2012

Keith Weesner by Tres Noir

Here's a little teaser for you. We've got two pairs of Keith Weesner sunglasses, hand crafted by the fine folks at Tres Noir. Check out the details on these babies!
Call the shop if you want a pair - they're not in the webshop yet.

More Keith Weesner stuff here.

 Check out the details!

 Looking cool.

Yup, they look good on girls too.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

"WHITE KNUCKLE: The Story of The Motorcycle Cannonball"

A brand new film from award winning director Brian Darwas ("The Road to Bonneville" - "A Sweet Sickness: The Flathead Movie").  

"White Knuckle" follows the triumphs and hardships that face a group of determined riders on the very first 
Motorcycle Cannonball, an antique (pre-1916) motorcycle endurance run across The United States.

“I followed some friends as they rode on the first ever Motorcycle Cannonball.  The run was all pre-1916 motorcycles. Some were single cylinder engines, some had no transmissions (just a belt and a tensioner). They started in Kitty Hawk, NC and rode clear across the country to Santa Monica, CA.  Literally "Coast to Coast", on all secondary roads, no highways! . . . and since I like to witness pain and suffering I tagged along and made a movie about the trip.”  -  Brian Darwas

Head on over to: and get your copy on DVD! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012


Yes kittens and cats, we're restocked on 1Shot paint!

New feature: MINI cans. Qart Pints (118 ml) for your smaller needs, highly practical if you're traveling or if there's a color you like but hardly ever use more than a dry teaspoon of. Pratical format, more affordable price.
Introducing the Mini cans we also feature a new colour: SALMON PINK!
Candy looking fishy nuance of pink, a real treat! We're gonna expand the section on paints & brushes during this season so check the blog out for news!

Soon to come colors: Rubine Red, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Peacock Blue, Proper Purple, Robin Egg Blue, Sublime Green and Vermillion. 
Rumor has it that we're gonna stock up on quills and a wider range of scrollers in the near future.
I'll holler when they land.

We're also happy to announce we're stocked onthe following products, i know you've been waiting for these:
Lettering Black (mini)
Lettering White (mini)

Also: Mack Brushes excellent pinstripers.
Sword Stripers series 10 and 20, sizes 0, 00 and 000

Yeayea f*ck this, lets paint!