Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dios De Los Muertos

We're celebrating Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, with a 20 per cent discount on everything in the store.
Día de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday for remembering friends and family that have died.
The origins of this holiday can be traced back hundreds of years.

Valid: - 2nd of November 


Sankt Lars Väg 21, SE -222 70 Lund

Sunday, October 21, 2012



Our friends Keith & Rob from Eat Dust sent this goodies!
Be quick as limited..

HELL YES..!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Made in Italy with Japanese Denim!

The project of Redux is a small production of jeans, which are completely made in Italy. Quality is our benchmark and will be your guarantee. Redux is not "replica" ... each model is designed by us and inspired by life! We manufacture the best denim fabric with greater quality and detail. Denim cotton mills we choose are from Okayama, Japan, who have maintained the tradition of the production of denim on shuttle looms. These looms weave fabric with a thread, a process that takes time, but that produces a narrow selvage denim fabric and a heavier weight fabric that lasts. The design process is driven by attention to detail, from the jakron patch to the smallest rivet. Many of the models featured on Redux  use vintage models as their inspiration for style and fit.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Gritty instrumental rock for the delinquent and deranged.

Skurkarna is an all instrumental "Crime-Rock" happening from parts unknown. Some call them criminally insane. Others describe them as a much needed remedy for the dull and static social rules of a goverment controlled society.

Heptown Records are now able to present Skurkarnas first full lenght album, "A Crimewave Escapade"; twelve twangy tales of distorsion, tremolo and delinquency that will make any law enforcement shudder in dispair.


Saturday, September 22, 2012



Tellason jeans are made from the best denim in the world and are designed for the guy who cares about quality, authenticity and durability. The White Oak Cone selvage denim is cut and sewn in San Francisco, USA. Founders Tony Patella and Pete Searson are committed to an artisan approach and to honor the rich denim history of San Francisco. These jeans are simply beautiful. 

Tony Patella & Pete Searson Story

We have been friends for two decades and have always had an affinity for all things well crafted and authentic.  After working in the apparel industry for 20 years, it was time we took things into our own hands and made something of our own-  something that stood up to our personal waterline, so to speak.  A proper pair of men's jeans was the answer so we took it from there and went out to make a jean that mattered. What we came up with was a range of jeans we are proud of: great fits, beautiful fabric from Cone Mills' White Oak plant in Greensboro, North Carolina that is cut and sewn in San Francisco, California. We had our eye on the best denim shops in the world and we are happy to say that many of them have found a place in their store for Tellason!



Monday, September 3, 2012


Don't miss this.... 

Bloodline by Eat Dust combines the unrelenting and all-demanding pleasures of heavy metal, skateboarding with the heavy-duty product known by Eat Dust.

This is not about heritage and it’s not about trends. It’s about materializing the passion that every outsider has ever felt when the riff doubles up and the blast beat nearly throws you to the floor. When the engine starts and a warm rumble moves into your heart and slaying those 13 steps after a day of pain and blood. It’s everything, everything else is not, it is the Bathory of all Denim.

666 Number of the Beast

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hunting Jacket in progress

Captain T is working on his 1942 hunting jacket from Pike Brothers. He is gonna wax the whole thing and he promises to show the final results in a week or so.

 Heating the wax.

 Rob keeps an eye on the process.

Wax on...

First section done!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BACK IN STOCK - Eat Dust Jeans Vest


Sleeveless denim biker jacket made from 133/4 OZ double ring spun Japanese indigo blue selvage denim.
With 2 patched on front pockets signature Z-BAR stitch in contrast.
Eat Dust faded copper buttons & leather Eat Dust label.

Friday, August 17, 2012



Where proud to welcome 

to the HepCat family by this extra ordinary collection...
We love the brand and we are sure you will!!!

Find the Limited Items here LDC

Friday, August 3, 2012

At Old Style Weekend

Some photos from Friday at A-Bombers Old Style Weekend at Backamo Lägerplats outside Ljungskile, Sweden. HepCat Store is here and we're selling Pike Brothers, Freddies of Pinewood, Red Wing shoes and tons of other cool stuff.

 Kustom Kutting gives Rob a haircut.

People and cars. 

Selling pomade and music.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A-Bombers Old Style Weekend Aug 3-4

Hepcat Store will be selling stuff here!

A-Bombers Old Style Weekend is an all outdoor event held by the A-Bombers Hot Rod & MC Club in Uddevalla, Sweden. The show is open for hot rods, customs and motorcycles in 1930s - 1950s american style. Original american cars up to 1956 model are also allowed to attend. The first A-Bombers Old Style Weekend was held in 1996.

For more information, visit the A-Bombers website
Also check out their Facebook site!

BACKAMO lägerplats, 20 km south of Uddevalla on the Swedish westcoast only 70 km north of Gothenburg. Signs from the E6 and from the Highway 45.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Keith Weesner by Tres Noir

Here's a little teaser for you. We've got two pairs of Keith Weesner sunglasses, hand crafted by the fine folks at Tres Noir. Check out the details on these babies!
Call the shop if you want a pair - they're not in the webshop yet.

More Keith Weesner stuff here.

 Check out the details!

 Looking cool.

Yup, they look good on girls too.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

"WHITE KNUCKLE: The Story of The Motorcycle Cannonball"

A brand new film from award winning director Brian Darwas ("The Road to Bonneville" - "A Sweet Sickness: The Flathead Movie").  

"White Knuckle" follows the triumphs and hardships that face a group of determined riders on the very first 
Motorcycle Cannonball, an antique (pre-1916) motorcycle endurance run across The United States.

“I followed some friends as they rode on the first ever Motorcycle Cannonball.  The run was all pre-1916 motorcycles. Some were single cylinder engines, some had no transmissions (just a belt and a tensioner). They started in Kitty Hawk, NC and rode clear across the country to Santa Monica, CA.  Literally "Coast to Coast", on all secondary roads, no highways! . . . and since I like to witness pain and suffering I tagged along and made a movie about the trip.”  -  Brian Darwas

Head on over to: and get your copy on DVD! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012


Yes kittens and cats, we're restocked on 1Shot paint!

New feature: MINI cans. Qart Pints (118 ml) for your smaller needs, highly practical if you're traveling or if there's a color you like but hardly ever use more than a dry teaspoon of. Pratical format, more affordable price.
Introducing the Mini cans we also feature a new colour: SALMON PINK!
Candy looking fishy nuance of pink, a real treat! We're gonna expand the section on paints & brushes during this season so check the blog out for news!

Soon to come colors: Rubine Red, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Peacock Blue, Proper Purple, Robin Egg Blue, Sublime Green and Vermillion. 
Rumor has it that we're gonna stock up on quills and a wider range of scrollers in the near future.
I'll holler when they land.

We're also happy to announce we're stocked onthe following products, i know you've been waiting for these:
Lettering Black (mini)
Lettering White (mini)

Also: Mack Brushes excellent pinstripers.
Sword Stripers series 10 and 20, sizes 0, 00 and 000

Yeayea f*ck this, lets paint!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We will be at Hultsfreed Hayride Saturday 30 June 2012

HepCat Store will be at Hultsfreed Hayride on Saturday 30 June to sell stuff!
A weekender of wild savage rock 'n' roll June 29-30 2012 in Hultsfred, Sweden.
Hultsfreed Hayride web page for all info!

Monday, June 25, 2012

New issue of Min Budoir

Brand new issue 3 of Min Budoir - buy here in our shop!

A Swedish magazine for all things retro/burlesque/vintage/pinup in Sweden (incl Finland, Norway and Denmark)


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Keeping Warm

It's a little chilly outside, I think I should put on a jacket before I head home, Rob said.
Luckily his old team jacket was in the shop.

Rob is all about class.

Bure and Rob - done for the day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New music, books and magazines!

New music, books, DVD & magazines in our shop & some back in stock! (a lot of rockabilly, psychobilly and punk stuff - vinyls & CD)

2nd District – The Love Has Gone - 7''
7 Seconds - New Wind - LP
7 Seconds - Walk Together, Rock Together - LP
Accidents, The - Hot Hot City [7" Vinyl]
Accused, The - The Return of Martha Splatterhead - LP
Adam West/The Egyptian Gay Lovers - They Rock... - SPLIT - 7"
Agent Orange - Bloodstains - 7" NY
Agnostic Front - Another Voice (red vinyl) - LP
Alonzo & Fas 3 - Dansa Som En Fjäril - 7''
Anatomi-71 - Från Primat Till Reptil - LP
Anatomi-71 - På Giftets Vingar - 12''
Angelic Upstarts - Anthems Against Scum - CD
Anti Cimex - Demos 81-85 - LP
Anti Cimex - The Records 81-86 - LP
AntiSeen - New Blood - LP
Antiseen / Holley 750 - Split CD
ARSENE OBSCENE - Zone Industrielle LP
Avskum - Uppror Underifrån - LP
Babian - Kärlek i Paket - Lim. ed. 7"
Bad Brains - Live - LP
Bad Brains - Omega Sessions - 10"
Bad Dreams Always - Another Body Murdered - (green vinyl) 7"
Bastardized - DVD
Bastardized 2 - DVD
Black Flag - Family Man - LP
Black Flag - In MY Head - LP
Black Flag - Loose Nut - LP
Black Flag – Six Pack (White transparent) - 7''
Black Knights - Old Rock Boogie - (pic) 10''
Bob Wayne - Outlaw Carnie - (w/ download card) LP
Bombettes, The - Get Out Of My Trailer, Sailor! - CD
Bristles - Beväpna Er/We're only in it for the Drugs - 7''
Burnout Magazine NO:49
Burnout Magazine NO:50
Buster Shuffle - Our Night Out - LP
Bäddat för trubbel – Värdighet - LP
CAPS - Lucified - CD
Car Kulture DeLuxe Magazine issue 19
Car Kulture DeLuxe Magazine issue 38
Carlos & The Bandidos - Jukebox Rock - 7"
Carlos & The Bandidos - The Good, The Bad & The Bandidos - CD
CARNATION, The - Gothenburg Rifle Association - [LP 180g]
Cavalera Conspiracy - Blunt Force Trauma - LP
Charlie Hightone And The Rock-It's- Major Productions & B-track CD
Cherry Overdrive - Go Prime Time, Honey! - LP
Choppahead Presents - Chopper Animals & Mayhem Machines Vol. 2
Cock Sparrer - Guilty as Charged (tri-color 180 g) - LP
Cock Sparrer - Two Monkeys (colored 180g) - LP
Cosmopolish - Heroine 7''
Crass - Penis Envy -(+ download) LP
Crass - The Feeding of the 5000 - (+ download) LP
Creepshow - Sell Your Soul (ltd. color vinyl) LP
Crybabies - Be All Mine - CD
Cuntry Diktator - Cunts N Roses - CD
D.R.I. - Violent Pacification EP (red) - 7''
Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes - Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes [7" EP]
Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes - We Do The Bop [7" EP]
DE KEEFMEN - Cryin' at my door/What's happening!? - 7"
Descendents - Enjoy! - LP
Descendents - Hallraker Live! - LP
Descendents - I Don't Want To Grow Up - LP
DicE Magazine issue 30
DicE Magazine issue 43
DicE Magazine issue 43 -
Die Hunns - You Rot Me - LP
Disarm - Regerings Stödda Mord EP - 7'
Discharge - Decontrol - 7"
Discharge – Disensitise - LP
Discharge - Early Demo's - LP
Discharge - Fight Back - 7"
Discharge - Never Again - 7"
Discharge - Realities Of War - 7"
Eva Eastwood - Lyckost (LP)
Flick-Knife - Cruisin' Swedes - CD
Foggy Mountain Rockers - WanTED Six Rockin' Men - CD
Fräuleinwunder Magazine 05/2012
Förmögenhet - Är det någon som är snål så är det du! - 7"
Gary Bennett - You Are Never Nice To Me - CD EP
GASOLINE Magazine 2006 No:05
GASOLINE Magazine 2008 No:01
GASOLINE Magazine 2008 No:05
GASOLINE Magazine 2009 No:02
Gluecifer - B-Sides & Rarities 1994-2005 (ltd color) - LP
Go-Katz, The - Maniac - CD EP
Gorilla Biscuits - S/T - 7"
Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today - LP
Greasy Kulture Issue 27 - Magazine
Heresy - Face Up To It - (yellow) LP
Hot Rod Havoc Vol 1 - DVD -
Hot Rod Hillbillies - Let's Alcoholass - CD
HubCaps , The - The HubCaps - CD
Hüsker Du - Flip Your Wig - LP
Iggy Pop – Sister Midnight - LP
Invasionen - Hela Världen Brinner - LP
Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats - Rocket 88 [7'' Vinyl]
JAYBIRDS - Naked As The Jaybirds - CD
Jmmy Castle and The Knights She's Allright EP - 7"
John Lindberg Trio (JLT) - Hell Of A Ride - LP
Johnny Kask - Sluten anstalt blues - 10" vinyl
Johnny Thunders - Hurt Me (purple) - 10''
Kaaos – Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos - LP
Kingcats - Southbound Train - CD
Kitty in a Casket - Back To Thrill (white) - LP
Klasse Kriminale - The Rise And Fall Of The Stylish Kids - LP
Kustoms Illustrated #31 Magazine
Kustoms Illustrated #32 Magazine
Kvoteringen - Storfinansen - 7"
Lisa Palm Jazztett - När Jag Ser Dig - CD
Lou Cifer & The Hellions - Tedtoed! - 7'' EP
Mad Sin - God Save The Sin Ltd. Colored LP
Madness - The Liberty of Norton Folgate - CD
Mal "Catman" Clint - Elvis & Gene EP - 7''
Massacre / Kansallinen Sekaannus - 20?? Minne Jai Tuho - 7'' EP
Masshysteri - Vår Del Av Stan - CD
MDC - Millions of Dead Cops - LP
Minor Threat - First Demo Tape EP - 7''
Minor Threat - S/T - LP
Minor Threat - Salad Days - 7"
Minutemen – The Punch Line - LP
Mob 47 - Kärnvapen attack EP - 7"
Mystery Gang - Jungle Fever - CD
New York Dolls - Lipstick Killers - LP
Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings - S/T CD
Ol' Skool Rodz #53 Magazine
Old Firm Casuals, The - s/t (wine red vinyl) - 7''
Peter Nande - ''Big Boy Boogie” California Sessions Vol. I - CD
Phantom - Rockabilly Vampires HANDNUMBERED [7" Vinyl]
Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine # 009
Poison Idea – Blank, Blackout, Vacant - LP
Psychomania #6 Magazine + 29 track CD
Rebel Beat - The Story of L.A. Rockabilly DVD
Rhythmaires, The - Tenth Anniversary Album - CD
Rimshots - Don't Play C 23 / Rock Ola Ruby - 7"
Robert Gordon - Live Fast Love Hard -2xCD
Rockabilly Magazine #35
Rogers Sonny & The Ropers - Maybe Little Baby - 7''
Ronnie Nightingale and the Haydocks - The Complete Early Years CD
Sabrejets, The - Sin-Sational CD
Scar Tissue – självbiografi Anthony Kiedis - Bok
Skitsystem – Stigmata - LP
Snakebite - Teddy Boys - 10''
Snutjävel - Eran Stad/Våran Verklighet EP 7"
Snutjävel - Ett Liv i Panik EP 7"Snutjävel - Falköping Hardcore 7" EP
Strawberry Blondes - Rise Up (colored vinyl) - LP
Stå aldrig still – en bok om Joakim Thåström - Bok
Sånger om sex, Gud och ond bråd död - Lennart Persson - Bok
Terrible Feelings - Blank Heads EP (yellow) - 7"
Terrible Feelings - Shadows - LP
THE DWARVES - FAKE ID (Limited 10")
The Encyclopedia Of Swedish Punk 1977-1987- BOK
The Old Firm Casuals - Army of One - 7'' NY
Tom Powder - Dangerous Curves - CD
Toy Dolls - Another Bleedin Best Of! - LP
Toy Dolls - The Album After the Last One - CD
Troublemakers - 30 - CD
Untamed - Cannibal King 7"
Untamed - Eerie Stories LP
Wagtails - Cat Food - CD
Various - Rock 'n' Pop Meets Rock 'n' Roll - CD
Various - Umeå Vråljazz Giganter - CD
Various - Umeå Vråljazz Giganter LP
Various - Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend #11 - CD
Various - Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend #13 CD
We Live In Trenches - Modern Hex - LP
White Lines, The - Four Vinyl Fans Only - 10'' + CD
White Lines, The - Ready To Rock - CD
White Lines, The - Ready To Rock - LP
White Lines, The - Rockabilly Memories - CD
Vibrators - Sonic Reducer - 7"
Wolfbrigade - Prey to the World (marble green vinyl) - LP
Wreckers - Angel of Death 7" red vinyl
Vånna Inget – Allvar (vit vinyl) - LP

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Surf Saturday

Since its saturday and most of you aint got nothing but relaxin to do - maybe tighten a bolt on your car or water those gardenias - you should listen to surf tracks today, catch a wave if conditions are right and your geographic position allows.
I'm at the store, spinning such greats Langhorns (with our own mighty Rikard "Bure" Svärdh spinning drumsticks), Surfin GorillasBarbwires and of course the amazing artists from HepTown Records who are in the genre.
You do however you please but the important part is to relax and cruise the flow of your inner waves.
Or get hammered, whatever suits you. It's sunday tomorrow anyway...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Greasy Kulture 27!!!

Greasy Kulture issue 27 has just arrived, unpacked, locked, stocked and loaded.

Dont forget the back issues maan!

DicE 44

Attention gearheads!! The new issue has landed:
Dice magazine issue 44 is out, come to the store or get it HERE!!

Äy! Äy! Psst! Back issues - we gots them.

Grease up!

Listen up! The wait is over guys!

Tuxedo Club
Royal Crown Hair Care
Royal Crown Pomade
Sweet Georgia Brown Red label

are all back in stock! Get your favourite poison before its out again!

And if you've misplaced your comb don't worry, we gots a new load of Hercules combs to go with your grease!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New from Eat Dust

Yesss... we proud to be able to deliver YOU some new items from Eat Dust. 
 All product will soon be avaiable at the web store... WWW.HEPCAT.SE  If you can't wait..
Drop by the store at Sankt Lars väg 21 in Lund(SE).

Thursday, May 31, 2012


A brand new book "Surf Graphics" from Korero!

See all books here that Hepcat Store got from Korero!

A dazzling display of top surf art and design!
From vintage surf art to the latest designs, this collection is filled with brilliant color, energy, and vibe. It features the top 30 artists working on the surf graphic scene, each with a detailed biography, as well as the same eye-popping production values of Kustom Graphics and Kustom Graphics II. Of course, there are plenty of California artists making their marks on the surf art scene, including Shawn Dickinson (Palmdale), Damian Fulton (Los Angeles), Tom "Big Toe" Laura (Irvine), Jim Phillips (Santa Cruz), Rick Rietveld (Newport Beach), and Keith Weesner (Thousand Oaks). Brad Parker lives in Hawaii, while Thor splits his time between California and Hawaii. Pat Grant and Marty Schneider are among Australian artists on the scene, while European artists include PG Artworks (Sweden), Mik Baro (Spain), and Thorsten Hasenkamm (Germany).

KUSTOM GRAPHICS: Hot Rods, Burlesque and Rock 'n' Roll


Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2012 8/9th June in Germany!

We will be there to sell some stuff!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Thank you to all our friends and customers for making PIKE DAY a great success! And thank you to our partners Pike Brothers, Red Wing, Pendleton, Johnson Woolen Mills, Flying Zacchinis and Kustom Kutting.

Thanks to Truten, J.Tex, Svante Sjöblom and Lady Lucks Rockabilly Combo for all the great music!

Rob and DJ Undertaker

Fun at Pike Day!

Plenty of cool cars.

Selling Pike Brothers.

Martin and Louise

J. Tex

Talkin' Cars
Talkin' shop

Tipi by Pendleton

Throw the ball and win a pair of Red Wing boots!
Throw the ball and win a pair of Red Wing boots!

More custom cars.

You'll find the full set of photos on flickr.