Saturday, July 21, 2012

"WHITE KNUCKLE: The Story of The Motorcycle Cannonball"

A brand new film from award winning director Brian Darwas ("The Road to Bonneville" - "A Sweet Sickness: The Flathead Movie").  

"White Knuckle" follows the triumphs and hardships that face a group of determined riders on the very first 
Motorcycle Cannonball, an antique (pre-1916) motorcycle endurance run across The United States.

“I followed some friends as they rode on the first ever Motorcycle Cannonball.  The run was all pre-1916 motorcycles. Some were single cylinder engines, some had no transmissions (just a belt and a tensioner). They started in Kitty Hawk, NC and rode clear across the country to Santa Monica, CA.  Literally "Coast to Coast", on all secondary roads, no highways! . . . and since I like to witness pain and suffering I tagged along and made a movie about the trip.”  -  Brian Darwas

Head on over to: and get your copy on DVD! 

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