Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring is in the air!

At least here in Lund... we hear that there is still snow on the ground in some less fortunate parts of the country. All our hot rodders and bikers are busy working on their cars and bikes, itching to finish all winter projects and start cruising around again.

Wanna swap the big winter coat for something you can move around in and still stay warm? Try a Pendleton shirtjacket, a Brixton shirt or the biker vest from DePalma.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

J.Tex live at Klaffbron

Our buddy J.Tex played a good gig at klubb peyote, Klaffbron in Malmö tonight. Like his stuff? Get the albums!

J.tex live at Klaffbron

Bachelor Pad Magazine #15

Issue 15 is here! Again, we're offering 56 pages of Atomic Age goodness! You don't want to miss this one!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Imelda May - No Turning Back

Re-issue of Imelda May's fabulous first album No Turning Back which was originally issued under her maiden name Imelda Clabby. This revised version has newly re-recorded vocals and has been remixed giving superior sound.

Retro Hairstyling Class

The lovely Ellen is coming all the way from Gothenburg to teach a class on vintage hairstyles! Learn how to make victory rolls, fingerwaves and hairstyles that will survive a night of dancing.


It's held at the HepCat Store this Saturday. Wanna know the details, price and what to bring?
You'll find it at

Saturday, March 26, 2011

American Made Kustom

There's a new brand at the HepCat Store! American Made Kustom, created by Roger Miret. The box of sample tees arrived today.


American Made Kustom is an american clothing company by Roger Miret celebrating the kustom kulture style of hot rods, motorcycles, punk rock, hardcore, psychobilly, tattoo and low brow art. As the front man of punk rock legends Agnostic Front, Roger Miret brings to life American Made Kustom as the new rock & roll lifestyle apparel brand, picking up where Dirty Devil Apparel left off.
If it aint AMK it aint worth a Fuck!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

DePalma Tees

Check out the latest stuff from DePalma! We're adding tees, shorts, socks and pants to the shop right now. Hoodies and jackets are on their way!
Keep your eyes on this page to see the latest additions to the HepCat Store.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Emmys Design

The so fantastic…Emmy from Emmys Design gave HepCat Store a view of the upcoming fall collection and spent some hours chatting and hanging around! We like her a lot… well yes, the clothes are fantastic… Hopefully the premiere collection land in the end of next week! Girls… cross your fingers and be quick!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shooting the spring and summer collections

Dan the photographer man dropped by the store today and shot the new stuff from DePalma, Locals and Vans. Micke Levin came all the way from the dark forests of Småland to be our model.

In the studio
Shooting. Rob is busy lurking in the background.

In the studio
Aaaand the back.

Dan the photographer man
Dan the photographer man.

In the studio
Please ignore the mess in the attic.
We try to get rid of it but the mess fights back.

We're building...

We've got one new wall done, but we're not stopping there. Let's revamp the shipping area and the denim area while we're at it!

This is a door.

It's gonna be awesome when it's done.

Raka rör: Historien om Kal P Dal

In some fast paced and intense years in the late 1970s, was Kalle Ljunggren from Arlöv and his band, Kings of Public Parks. The first CD "Till Mossan" sold 100 000 copies. Kalle had the audience in his hand. He and "pågarna" the band, had a common motto: they would rock the ass of the Swedish people. They did well. With straightforward, unpretentious rock 'n roll, a big appetite for life and a high tempo beat, greasers and punks could dance side by side during the concert while the hit songs, Blåa Skor, Jonnie and Brunt Socker sounded from the speakers.

Monday, March 21, 2011

GASOLINE Magazine 2011 No:02

Hot Swedish magazine holding a warm heart for hot rods, customs, choppers. A mag you don’t want to miss!

Jimmy Sutton´s Four Charms - Triskaidekaphobia

The 2nd rockin' release by the Charms, as Jimmy Sutton's Four Charms, was recorded both down at Fort Horton in Austin TX, and up at Madison Wisconsin's Coney Island studio. This album features originals hits like "I Gotta Get Another Girl", Don't Make Me Beg" and "Triskaidekaphobia". Come and get it, boys and girls!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rebel8 - the story

Spring means new collections and they all tend to arrive in the shop at the same time. Unboxing madness! One of our favourites this season is Rebel8.
Founded in 2003, REBEL8 is a San Francisco clothing company with deep roots in skateboard, graffiti, and tattoo cultures.

Behind REBEL8: Joshy D from on Vimeo.

Mike Giant

Mike Giant working in ink.

Today, Joshy D. runs the business and Mike Giant sees to the art as REBEL8 finds itself growing in many creative directions at once. Every graphic by Mike Giant is hand-illustrated.

Poster design.

All photos are from

Friday, March 18, 2011

Social Distortion new Album

We have told you before, and we tell you again, this is one of our favourite records!
"Mommy’s little monsters" are older now, but Mike Ness and his band Social Distortion still delivers dangerous sharp rock`n`roll punk with their brand new album "Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes".
If you don´t have it, get it!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweet Emma & The Mood Swingers

A new record has reached the shop. Sweet Emma and the Mood Swingers and their third album "Home sweet home" - hard-swinging vintage 40s rhythm and blues, rockabilly. Their performances have attained a huge popularity with swing and lindy hop dance societies nationwide. Come and get it!

The new DePalma Collection is in the shop

Right now we are unpacking the latest collection from DePalma. There are boxes everywhere. Keep track of because soon everything will be there, or came to the S:t Lars väg 21 and check out all the news!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Rockridge Brothers new album - No Sleep ´til Rockridge

All new record in the shop. The Rockridge Brothers play hillbilly bluegrass mountain music the way it should be played. According to the Rockridge Brothers. And according to us, so come and get it!

Dirty Magazine #3

Issue 3 of Dirty Magazine has landed. Get it while it's hot!

The Dirty Magazine is a celebration of old shit and the people who rescue it, collect it, mend it, replicate it, kick it and shout at it, but ultimately love it.
It's about dirty sheds, dirty cars, dirty bikes, dirty rock'n'roll, greasy spoons, oily rags, grubby guitars, sleazy music.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Pace Day 2011 will be held at the HepCat Store on May 28th! Reserve the date!

As always, there will be great deals from Pace and limited edition items. Live music by J.Tex and Svante Sjöblom, cars, bikes, BBQ and a great day at the HepCat Store.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hawleywoods No. 9 Aftershave

The oldest scent in barbering – this classic Bay Rum, made from the Bay of Tripinless oil will tighten up your pores and leave you feeling refreshed. With a hint of clove and other spices, this classic scent will leave you feeling and smelling like you just left the barber shop, everyday. Come and get it guys, before it´s to late!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Check out the latest stuff from San Francisco streetwear company Rebel8.

Every graphic by Mike Giant is hand-illustrated. Unlike most clothing graphics, which are created by digitizing the original artwork into vector format, Mike’s graphics are exact reproductions of his original art. No part of the original inked line is compromised in this process, lending an edge of authenticity seldom seen in today’s mass-produced market.

See all the cool stuff from Rebel8 here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Late Night Electricity

We had an exciting Friday night at the HepCat Store. Me and Rob had turned out the lights and were ready to head home when a socket by the door suddenly burst into flames. Part of the plug was stuck in the socket and it all felt a little risky... so we made some frantic calls and got our friend and electrician Martin to come and help us out.

This ain't how it's supposed to look.

Electricity by flashlight.

Almost done...

Chillin' with a well-deserved cup of coffee.

Turns out a power strip was the culprit... the heating fan is plugged in at the other end and Rob pulled the plug while the heating fan was still running. That probably what caused the power strip to overload and the plug to go up in flames. Why does things like this always happen on a Friday night?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The shirt all the boys are crazy about

New stuff in the shop is always exciting. We rummage around in the boxes and check out all the cool stuff as we stock it. There are lots of trips to the fitting room and the kitchen to try things on. But there's always one or two items that everyone really likes and agrees on. This season it's Vans Stedfast shirt.
Like it? Get your shirt while we still have it in stock!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Knock on wood

See something not quite right in this photo? Something a little out of place? No, I don't mean Patric from Kustom Kutting. He's a regular feature.
We've gotten our hands on some old wooden doors and we're turning them into a wall in the second room.

Patric and doors.

The wall. And denim. Aren't they a handsome couple?

What's that Patric? An invisible ball? Tai chi?
Clapping your hands, west coast-style?

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Del Moroccos - Blue Black Hair

If you dig music like 50's style Rhythm and blues, rockabilly, the girls group sound, jump blues and swing. music - this is the real deal.

Del Moroccos, The - Blue Black Hair

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vultures Cruise Photo Book in store

'Vultures: Melbourne to Hobart a Photographic Diary' is now available. A signed and numbered book in 500 copies, which we have 10 of them. Hurry to get your copy!