Friday, July 13, 2012


Yes kittens and cats, we're restocked on 1Shot paint!

New feature: MINI cans. Qart Pints (118 ml) for your smaller needs, highly practical if you're traveling or if there's a color you like but hardly ever use more than a dry teaspoon of. Pratical format, more affordable price.
Introducing the Mini cans we also feature a new colour: SALMON PINK!
Candy looking fishy nuance of pink, a real treat! We're gonna expand the section on paints & brushes during this season so check the blog out for news!

Soon to come colors: Rubine Red, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Peacock Blue, Proper Purple, Robin Egg Blue, Sublime Green and Vermillion. 
Rumor has it that we're gonna stock up on quills and a wider range of scrollers in the near future.
I'll holler when they land.

We're also happy to announce we're stocked onthe following products, i know you've been waiting for these:
Lettering Black (mini)
Lettering White (mini)

Also: Mack Brushes excellent pinstripers.
Sword Stripers series 10 and 20, sizes 0, 00 and 000

Yeayea f*ck this, lets paint!

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