Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday 3 december X-Mash Bash

Yesterday was a fantastic day according to HepCat dimensions. First HepCat Store open to 18 with lots of people, luciabuns, mulled wine and cool music!

In the evening it was time for the now legendary X-Mash Bash at Mejeriet, with such cool bands as Thee Gravemen, Jonny Horsepower , Wild Wax Combo and High Speed ​​Rockabilly Band the Astrolites. A nearly packed Mejeriet danced, sang and partied as the band's interpretations of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and many others filled the house. in the intervals Dj Undertaker started his turntables and made the house even moore crazy with moore great music.

A great big thanks from all of us to all of you who attended and made ​​this night a night to remember!

 Foto: Emma Lindbladh

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