Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A/B P.I Hagberg

 Check out these quality selvedge jeans - made in Sweden!

My ambition when I started this project was to produce high quality jeans in Sweden. The denim production we once had disappeared in the late 70's and early 80's along with much of the other clothing manufacturing. 

My first task was to find someone with the skills and means to manufacture high quality jeans. In Borås, the former textile center of Sweden, I found a small, modern factory run by an enthusiastic team. They had the required skill and means to manufacture high quality jeans, and this convinced me that my ambitions would be fruitfull. 

Next on my list was to find fabrics and trims, preferably locally made. Japan is quite far from Sweden but that is where I found the denim I decided to use. I wanted it simply because of the superb quality. Some of the trims are made here, but more importantly, it is here in Sweden that we manufacture our jeans. 
One style is available. We call it the H60, a regular tapered fit in either 19 or 12 oz. selvage denim. I’m happy to have quality jeans made in Sweden once again, and very proud to be a part making them. I hope you like them too. /Per-Ivan Hagberg

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